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Nick 4 Nick 4

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cicological problem

So ur sayin j00 jump out windowz 4 bizkiuts?
If not den y did j00 animate it?
j00 said dat people animate things that haz happedn to dem in real life or wat they wan to be real. So do j00 wunna jump out windowz 4 biskuitz?
Piconjo pwnz cicioligicaly

Abbot-Flash responds:

Sorry if I hurt you so much. I didn't mean to.

Firstly, yes I do believe the character in my movie that I'm most alike. Would be James, however that is showing my character on a extreme level, not at a glance. That is is why I said a "Reference" to what happens.

Secondly you ask would I jump out of a window for "bizkiuts"?

It took me a while to figure out what bizkiuts actually. The correct spelling is actually biscuits not bizkiuts. And the answer is an obvious no. Would you?

Also I would like to ask you to read some books and also purchase a dictionary because, I seriously couldn't find "j00" anywhere.

Reading books should help with your spelling and awful grammar, hopefully it doesn't affect what happens to you everyday.

Thanks for the review
Abbot Flash,

Livecorpse Tribute Livecorpse Tribute

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LiveCorpse wuld b teh prowd!13213

OGM thatz wuz teh bezt tribute. He wulda <3'd it with hiz pen0r. J00 pwn! I <2 j00!

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Piconjo Jelly 1 Piconjo Jelly 1

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I did teh Sexuh Frog flashzor. It wuz maed teh perfectley. I <3 all teh animaturs that wurked wit meh and al that liek teh movie. If j00 dont liek teh movie den dunt watch it j00 ninjer!23e1241

The-Homo-Flash-Bros responds:

Your contrabution was great as you are a friend. Very loyal to the end. Thanks for helping hope to work with you more!

The Homo Flash Bros